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What makes this different?


In 2007 Linda Freedman, PhD gathered a team of professionals to present sexual harassment prevention training to workplaces of all kinds.


The intention? Make it different. Explain the whys and the wherefores,

not only the do's and do nots.


Beginning with work in sexual assault at the Institute for Clinical Social Work, she had studied dozens of sexual harassment prevention programs and felt them lacking. People needed to know more than the law-- they need to know why it is that people think sexual harassment is no big deal, and why, in actuality, it is.


Her interest turned to continuing education, beginning with an intervention designed for medical schools.  That program inspired others, including the videos and the audio course you find on this website. 


The plan? Every year, as new research improves our understanding, there will be new content and more courses, fresher programs for the workplace and professional continuing education.

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